At 23 feet long and 98 inches wide, the MasterCraft X-30 has no inhibitions about its size. Wakeboarders get randy just at the site of the boat?s shapely swells, aluminum Zero Flex Flyer tower, galactic graphics and party potential. It can support up to 12 aquanauts, 4 optional clamping board racks (8 boards), 4 optional chrome speaker cans with recessed floodlights and lots of party fuel. Inside, the X-30?s triple hatch sunpad, wrap-around interior and open bow doubles as a playboy lounge. It?s wrapped with soft 34 oz vinyl, plush 40 oz carpet and comfortably contoured cushions. In the cockpit, all life support systems are surrounded by turned aluminum and easily within the pilot?s reach (including the all-important 5 speaker Clarion AM/FM CD stereo, with 500 watt subwoofer and optional 6 disc changer).